Needing a photo of the order form? Scroll to bottom!

1. Select the student(s) school district.

2. Select the student(s) school album

3a. PASSCODE = STUDENT ID NUMBER. Every student is given an ID number by the school. This number will be in RED BOLD font in the middle left hand side of the students paper order form. (if you do not have the paper order form: you can find your student ID number on infinite campus or a report card.) 

3b. St. Mary students: TS Photos creates your school ID numbers. If you have misplaced your paper order form with said number, please email or call us. 

4a. Changing Backgrounds: Make photo FULL SCREEN, at the bottom there will be a "change background" button. View all backgrounds available by clicking on ones you like. Once selected you can close from full screen and continue the ordering process. The background of choice should stay throughout the process.

4b. The background button is not showing under the students photo on either your mobile or laptop devices? Please go to TS Photos main screen (desktop view: home button at the top of the page; Mobile view: Three lines in top right hand corner) and select the "school backgrounds" album. When ordering use the "special instructions" text box and type in the background number for your order. 

*NOTE: There is NO extra charge to change backgrounds!*

5. ADD ON items MUST be purchased with packages 1-6! This INCLUDES the digital download add on as well! 

6. A la Carte items are available if only needing one print. 

7. ALL ONLINE Orders have a $5.00 SHIPPING FEE and are shipped to the address provided at checkout. 

8. ONLINE ORDERING WORKS BEST WHEN USING GOOGLE CHROME! - If you are having any issues with the site loading please check to ensure you are using google chrome. 

If you have further questions feel free to reach out!