While it is our hope that you all are just as ready as we are for the NEW way to online order; the "NEW" does come with some changes! Please read the following to hopefully help guide you through the new ordering tips and tricks! 

Some of the SAME RULES still APPLY, but there are a few new perks to ordering online that is just not possible with the traditional paper ordering. 

ACTION IS REQUIRED WHEN ORDERING! - CROPPING IMAGES - you will be responsible for the crop of your images 

1. Package purchase is still necessary.  The $7 add on items will NOT unlock until a package is in your cart.

2. Ala Carte options: You cannot ADD $7.00 to these orders. Please do not do or try this. We will have a cancelation fee if this is done! Please do not ruin it for those who do it correctly. 

3. DIGITAL ONLY! ONLINE - We are offering a DIGITAL only package. (This will only be offered on online ordering for now.) We hope you like this option as it has been asked for by many. 

4. ONLINE PERK 1! - Fall Packages 1, 2 & 2D and Spring Package 1 can be MIXED AND MATCHED! That's right, you can have TWO DIFFERENT backgrounds when ordering packages Fall 1, 2 & 2D and Spring 1. *THIS IS ONLINE ONLY* 

5. ONLINE PERK 2! - Multi Looks!! - Our goal is to offer at least two images for you to choose from starting Fall 22. We will have a cropped image and wider cropped version of each look. - The PERK! - Ordering package 1, 2 and 2D can not only be mixed and matched background wise but can be mixed and matched IMAGE WISE!  In package 1, we offer 3-8x10s you could get 3 different backgrounds on each 8x10!  *THIS IS ONLINE ONLY*

6. *IMPORTANT: VERY NEW* Online orders will have sales tax added and the normal shipping PER ORDER. Shipping is now $5.25 per order.

OUR SUGGESTION WHEN ONLINE ORDERING: if you have multiple children in different school buildings: WAIT until all images are posted and order at one time. You can order up to 5 kids in one cart and save on the shipping and sales tax. We do not control Sales Tax or Shipping fees! 

READ THE ABOVE FULLY BEFORE CLICKING LINK BELOW; THERE WILL BE A CANCELATION FEE IF AN ORDER IS DONE INCORRECTLY! - If you have any questions while ordering please reach out as we are always here to help! :) 

Without further ado, click the "View School Photos here" link below. 


Purchase on your phone or on a computer, both options work well!